Meet the Switzerland of the Americas

Lake Arenal Area – Costa Rica
Costa Rica is truly the gem of Central America. The standard of living is high, and land ownership is widespread. Still largely agricultural, its economy also includes strong technology and tourism sectors. Centrally located between the two great oceans, Lake Arenal is part of a broad expanse of modern living set in a lush and verdant tropical paradise that exemplifies all that is great about Costa Rica. For windsurfers Lake Arenal is a paradise indeed, as it has been rated as one of the five best places in the world for windsurfing. The amenities of the area give even non-windsurfers diversions that range from shopping and sunbathing to eco tours through the surrounding rain forest and visits to the Arenal Volcano.

rainforest-costaMost notably, Costa Rica is a land without winter. There are only two seasons: wet and dry, and both are filled with an abundance of sunshine. You will rarely need air conditioning and never need heat. You dont have to be a resident of Costa Rica to own property or enjoy the same ownership rights as citizens. In Costa Rica, real estate ownership is fully guaranteed by the constitution to all residents including foreigners. Visit our Buying Real Estate Section to find out more.

The Arenal Volcano rises 1,633 meters 5,356 feet above sea level and casts an almost flawless silhouette on the land below it. Arenal Volcanos last eruption was in 1969 but it is far from dormant, as it often spews ash and smoke which provides a compelling backdrop for photographs and video. Locals and visitors alike often enjoy the show from the luxurious surroundings of a local hot springs resort. There are a variety of resorts, spas and shops that have developed in the area.

This secluded enclave of Titled Beach Front Villas by JP Wilson Development offers a refreshingly different perspective of beachfront living all within a private gated community on one of the most pristine beaches in Costa Rica.

Playa Naranjo
Picture yourself lounging on the beach at Playa Naranjo,treeees
one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, framed by tall coconut palms and lush foliage and landscaping or perhaps you have returned to your beachfront villa, just steps away from the sand and are relaxing at your private pool or experiencing paradise in your special way.

You may choose to join your friends and neighbors at the clubhouse for a game of cards or pool party and great conversations or making tennis plans, while others are off to the Spa Gym.

Our concierge service is available to assist you with selections from among many popular excursions on land and sea, shopping …or helping you plan your next dining al fresco poolside party to celebrate your visit and your return to paradise as one of our newest homeowners.

Here custom craftsmanship is further translated into a care for quality and exceptional detailing, stylish and inviting interiors, gourmet-prepared kitchens, luxurious master suites and secondary bedrooms and guest casitas providing extra home comfort to your friends, family and guests.

Comfort means spaces that you enjoy every day. Convenience is everything that you always wanted to find right within your own home
not to mention, a full array of surrounding amenities.

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